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Since 1996, Studio Esse, Events Management Company based in Milan, has established itself successfully market position in Italy and abroad and guarantees


  • Customised solutions to ensure that the customer reaps real and measurable benefits
  • Problem solving, because solving and, above all, anticipating problems is what makes our work so effective
  • Optimisation because eliminating the superfluous while keeping intact the effectiveness of the event defines the right measure for a fair price policy

Studio Esse was singled out from among the operators who made the greatest technical and strategic contributions to events held in our country and was proclaimed the absolute winner of the IFE AWARD organised by Italia for Events under the patronage of ENIT (the Italian National Tourist Agency) on the following grounds:
“The performance of Studio Esse is extraordinary for its effectiveness and the intensity of its content and for its ability to match the creativity of its solutions with the level of the participants”